Why nano S climate?

nano S climate

The nano S climate is designed to monitor ambient temperature and humidity levels in your home to help you protect your valuable collectibles, improve your personal and family’s health, and to increase energy efficiency in your home or office. The device can monitor and track temperature and humidity changes in different areas of your home such as the baby’s room, wine cellars, music room, or any other place with valuable instruments and appliances and alert you of the changes via your Android or iOS smart device.

Why do you need the nano S climate?

You need the Nano S Climate if you value your personal and your family’s well-being. Excessively humid conditions in your home cause moisture accumulation and growth of mold in basements and crawlspaces. Mold not only damages your property but is also a health hazard to you and your family. With the Nano S Climate, you can track and monitor your home’s interiors to achieve and maintain the right balance of ambient temperature and humidity, which is important for your comfort, health, and in preserving sensitive items in your home.

Key Features of the nano S climate

· Wireless Connectivity

The Nano S Climate is wirelessly connected to your smartphone or other mobile devices via the cloud or Bluetooth. It’s enabled to communicate with other smart devices. You can adjust its settings and control it from your smartphone wherever you are. With the free-to-download Nano S App you’ll be notified every time your home’s temperature or humidity goes beyond the normal level. The app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

· Clear Readings for Each Connected Device

The app gives you clear readings for each individual device. You can even set a threshold of the desired temperature and humidity so that you will be alerted when the readings exceed your pre-set values.

· Detailed Dashboard

The app comes with a detailed dashboard that makes it easy to read different variations of temperature and humidity. It can even record and save data for several months.

· Compact Design

The Nano S Climate comes in an extremely compact design that easily integrates with your home or workplace environment. It’s just 9mm thick and completely lightweight. You can place it anywhere in your baby room, living room, kitchen, basement, or office without taking much space.

· Long Battery Life

The Nano S Climate has an energy efficient design. Its battery can last for as long as 2 years without the need for a replacement. It’s meant to serve you efficiently and for longer.

· Ease of Use

With seamless connectivity to both Android and iOS mobile devices, the Nano S Climate is extremely easy to use. Simply download the Nano S Climate app from Google Play or App store, pair the device with the app on your phone (not with your phone’s Bluetooth device), pre-set your selections and press ‘OK’ to start monitoring your home’s temperature and humidity remotely.

Versatile Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device

The Bluetooth connected nano S climate helps you monitor different areas in your home with pinpoint accuracy. You can set the notification alerts to your pre-set preferences for different places such as your bedroom, baby cot, wine, and wherever you have sensitive items or appliances.

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